city streets & quiet bedrooms


Hearts fluttering in the winds of city streets and quiet bedrooms

Eyes glowing seeing the beauty in another’s eyes

Glasses cheering on the ends of nearby bar tables

Couples exiting, leaving doors clanging behind them

laughing while turning down icy street corners

voices shaking when reaching their destination

Faces blushing in the cold of her front door

One body leans as the other freezes

Moving closer, eyes meet once more

lips locking slowly, but surely

coming together as one.

Seeing that love does…




One year later,

The two meet at the bar,

Not far from the icy corner of Barrows Street.

Sitting at the same stool,

Clanking a different glass.

Reminiscing the same day,

One year ago,

where they first met.

Laughing at life,

And the stories they began with,

before creating one of their own.

Leaving the door clanging,

they walk out the door.

Walking the same streets,

they did once before.

Seeing that love does…



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