a somewhat brief letter to 2017

Dear year of 2017,

Alright life. 2016 sucked. I know you meant well and all. I know God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. I know all the reasons. I know that it gets better. But I do gotta say, when exactly will it? I really am curious.

Everyone says that a new year marks a new beginning, a clean slate.  I truly hope so. 2016 was a year that began with happiness and ended horribly. Facing death, heartbreak, and just mishaps in general; IT SUCKED.

Senior year is supposed to be one of those monumental times in my life that I look back at saying,  “what a year.” But clearly, the beginning didn’t provide that for me. Instead, it pretty much broke me to the lowest point possible. I will look back and say, “what the hell did I do to deserve that?” So it can’t possibly get much lower… Right?

So I’m asking you 2017, as politely as I can, reward me for making it through this. Let me be me. Let me be happy. Stop throwing rocks at me. Stop telling me I can do it, I can’t. Stop expecting me to be strong. Every ounce of me is worn out from staying as strong as I possibly could. I am not strong. I’m weak.

I need you to be easy, or at least easier than you have been. I need to gain my strength back. I need to be confident. I need to like myself. I need to like my life. I need to be excited for my future instead of dreading it.

Life you’ve been pretty fair to me in my 17 year span, but recently you changed your mind. Whatever I did, I take it back. Just give me my life back.

2017. Be my year. Please.


desperate to be happy blogger

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