instant gratification and its downsides

I just watched a video called ‘Why I REALLY am quitting’ shared on Facebook through one of my favorite websites, Elite Daily. (Link below)

The video has a former model and social media star raging about the many lasting effects of her career. Just like most girls her age, she was deeply intrigued by the world of social media. She believed at one point that every picture had a story and every smiling face was a real one.

What she didn’t know was that behind the screen there was a world of isolation, anxiety, and depression. She found herself diving deeper in a world of followers, while doing so, she lost all matter in what her life used to be.

All she cared about was how the world viewed her. Her happiness relied on a few comments and likes. If she didn’t get a certain amount of followers a day, she saw herself as a disappointment.

From the ages of 12-18, she wasted so many moments. She isolated from finding love and happiness within herself, and her life. She speaks of how angry she was about discontinuing her passions for art and writing. This new and “happier” life of social media turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

This image she portrayed with each Instagram and youtube video seemed so “real.” She finally made the decision to protest against who she used to be. She chose to enlighten people of the realities of social media, and damn, she did hell of a job doing it.

So this is what I took from it,

We live in a society where we can fake a smile behind a screen, where in reality, we may be having one of the worst nights of our lives. “A picture says one hundred words”, but none of those words include a feeling.

A life spent relying on other peoples acceptance is not a life at all. Half of the people who give a damn on social media, aren’t worth a damn.

It’s time that we realize that social media is a widely used promotional tool that is progressively growing. This tool has the ultimate power to be destructive, or helpful.

Rarely in our society are we using social media for the right reasons. We care too much and rely on it to be the cure of our many insecurities. What we don’t understand is, it’s actually making them worse.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and so is Instagram.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use social media, because truthfully, I would hate having a world without it. But, we really should alter our perspective of it. It should be used as a method of sharing. It is such a beneficial way to keep families and friends close together, who are technically miles apart. It shouldn’t be used to fish for compliments, or show off how “awesome” our life is. (If you need to show it off, it probably isn’t that awesome.)

There are so many positive ways to promote health and happiness through social media. We shouldn’t be promoting, and romanticizing anorexia and depression. These things that we’re all looking up to should actually be seen as the opposite.

Bottom line is, watch the video. Decide then if your followers determine the value of your entire life.

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