The Importance of an Unsaid Hope

I think we’ve all shared these small moments, where we have the common belief in something succeeding. Something working out. Something exceeding. Whatever it may be, we have this hope.

I can’t explain it, other than that you start to feel light. You start to feel the irrelevant and trivial things that used to be so important, become less. Just because this thing called hope starts to cloud every judgment you’ve ever had. At times, it even makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It makes you think of one thing only… that one thing is the bright side

It isn’t so often when we get to see that side of the world. Hope shows so much innocence within a person.  If you really think about it, how many times have things gone the absolute wrong way? The times someone got sick and you couldn’t do anything about it. The time you wanted the job and didn’t get it.

What’s amazing isn’t what went wrong, but how they recovered. How they went on with life when they could have such a distorted view, but choose to see nothing but the good in it all.

I think if there’s anything I value most in myself, I would choose my hope. Although it gets stomped, trampled, and even seems to be broken. It comes back, and when it does, it’s always at its fullest force.

Whether it’s a person, an idea, a memory, or anything at all… Hold onto your hope with all you can. Not only does it protect your innocence, but it gives you the will to keep moving forward despite the circumstance.

That bright side is somewhere, and I haven’t discovered it yet. I truly do hope that I will find it.

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