Unfortunately due to the busyness of my weekend, a very important event was missed on my blog.

The day that love won, 6/26/2015.

On Friday, The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that ALL Americans may marry the ones they love. Despite their sexual orientation, or gender. For years, America has made progress in promoting equality within all of its citizens. Yet, this is something that has never been done. To be completely honest, I figured for years it never would. Unlike most of life’s surprises, this one was a wonderful one.

I, openly, and honestly would like to explain what this means to me.

This means to me that finally our society can learn to be more acceptant towards one another, and realize that every living individual deserves to be loved beyond measure. Each person has their own unique qualities, and obtains the rights to be whoever they want to be. America has always pushed us onto, “the pursuit of happiness”, and by making this very large step, so many more citizens will be able to embark on that journey further than they had once before.

Because we are humans, we constantly seek for acceptance. We always will, whether you admit it or not. Can you imagine living in a world where you have to hide who you are afraid of not being accepted by the world around you? Thousands of people do every day. By changing, and improving (my opinion), the constitution a chance is given to each individual to show their true colors. This change also gives everyone the greatest opportunity to ever exist, to be able to love. Not just love, but be able to commit to it, despite any differences which would’ve restricted them from doing so before.


Finally, I can say I am proud of something. I’m proud of people fighting for what they believe in, and for the people they care about. I’m proud to say I live in a country where love is allowed, and each person is allowed the chance to, without a law forbidding them.

Marriage is marriage. No longer a partnership. There is no difference. Whether your bi, straight, gay, lesbian, trans, etc. It is accepted to be.

I understand that some of you may not see it this way. There will always be conflict with religion, especially because the bible was written too many years ago to count.  All I ask is, to try to be openminded. We live in a world where things are constantly changing, and beliefs are always being revised. I hope that with this entry, some of you will see it that way too.

If you are un-acceptant to change, you’ll be stuck at square one for the rest of your life. The world around you will be moving forward, and you’ll always be a step back. We all know how much it sucks to be a step behind, come on people.

So, here’s your chance. You can stay at square one, or move on with the rest of your life. Not saying you have to like it, but why not just accept it? We’ve been told since day one that we are loved. So, why not let everyone be? Let everyone love with  the same, equal opportunities.

Although I may have over shared some beliefs, I hope some, or just one made a difference. After everything, I hope you can accept love. Accept the people who want to participate in it, and allow them to equally feel it. The LGBT community has worked for years for a movement like this, they deserve to enjoy every second of it. Society needs to learn to accept one another, and treat each other with equality. Please be the openminded people who let acceptance into their hearts, and help the generations ahead of us as well.

Finally, let love win.

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