a thank you for everything.

image-3 copyimage copyFather’s Day.

The annual holiday where my brother and I converse over who writes the card, and who picks up the present. Usually this conversing happens the day of (spoil alert, sorry dad). Considering i’m 16 with no license, Cody always ends up buying the present and i’m stuck with the dirty work. Writing the card.

Instead of writing the usual handwritten card, I decided to expand my horizons. Now instead of the card, here’s a blog dad. You deserve it ;).

To our dear dad,

Happy Father’s Day. There are about 1,000,000 things to thank you for, but i’ll stick to the basics. Here it goes:

Thank you for providing for us. From school supply fees, to groceries, to the extravagant presents, everything we have and love is because of you.

Thank you for setting an example. Your ambition, success, and kindness has reflected onto the both of us and made us who we are today. We even are lucky to have been given some of your laziness, which has allowed us to have the ability to sleep in, and watch lots of movies. Although you don’t always get to participate in those activities, thanks for allowing us to.

Thank you for your stupid jokes. Even when we’re at our crankiest (often), you still manage to try to put a smile on our face. Although we don’t acknowledge it just to prove how annoyed we are, we do need it. The same jokes you’ve used for years are things that we will always love about you.

Thank you for being a hypochondriac. Your exaggerative complaining when sore, or sick has taught us the best ways to fib. We both have learned your soft spots, and your methods of getting out of things.

Thank you for not being a sports guy. Although that may be the reason we’re both so unathletic, we’re lucky you have accepted it.

Thank you for teaching us standards. Your lessons have shown us that our standards can never be too high. We both can reach the sky if we want, but we also learned the work it takes to get there.

Thank you for never letting us down. Wherever we needed you to be, you were there. There isn’t a day where either of us doubt that you would be.

Thank you for loving mom. This has shown us what it takes to be in a marriage, and how much work we must put into our relationships.

Thank you for teaching Cody and I to love each other. Through all of our arguments when we were little, we’ve learned we’re much better off being best friends.

Thank you for not giving up. We both have been handfuls at points of time (hint, hint, Cody), and you may have lost faith, but you didn’t stop trying. You gave us the tools we needed, and pushed us to get where we needed to be.

Thank you for supporting us. No matter the situation, or the odd pursuit we embark on, you allow us. You let us know that you’re there if we fail, or even succeed.

Thank you for dealing with the drama. From my x-boyfriends, or cody’s x-girlfriends, you’ve never failed to tell us that we can do better. You’ve been there for every tear & mood swing, and even allow us to take it out on you sometimes. (Sorry bout that).

Thank you for your genetics. From the white eyebrows, to the white arm hair. Can’t thank you enough. It’s cool to know that people will look at the both of us next to each other and wonder why they shaved their eyebrows off. What a weird cult that Jacobson family is…

Thank you for not understanding modern day technology. Although annoying, Cody and I always get a kick out of attempting to explain it.

Thank you for your odd sense of humor. Where some may find it inappropriate, we’ve learned the best ways of trying to hide it. Each compromise with you to not say this word, or that joke to our significants parents has been real entertaining.

Lastly, thank you for making us happy. Thank you for providing us with a happy home, and happy life. Thank you for always being there, making us laugh, and supporting us with each and every dream we obtain. We couldn’t do it without you dad, and don’t want to imagine the day we have to.

We can’t wait for you to be a grandpa, and a father-in-law. We can’t wait to share the love you’ve given us with our own kids, and our husband and wife someday.

We love you so much dad. Happy Father’s Day.

With lots of love,

Cody & Emilee

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