It’s not goodbye, It’s a see ya later.

Friday, June 19th, I had the unfortunate task of saying goodbye to one of my newly made best friends. According to his exchange student brother, Max, “It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see ya later.” That is exactly how I hope to look at it.

This goes out to Juan Gomez, one of my favorite people on this earth. I’m doing the only thing I know how to, which is writing how I feel when i’m unable to say it.

Through algebra 2 in 4, with our favorite, Mr. Hall, all the way to the many memories made this summer, I would not trade one minute of it for the world. I found that the more time I spent with you, the less distinct your accent became, and the more I started to really understand what you were saying. EXAMPLE: Twizzlers/ Twiscers, Pool/ Poop, “Ass Disease”.  I have enjoyed “showing you your first pool” (even though you have one in your backyard), learning your favorite spanish songs, poorly dancing to your favorite spanish songs, car rides, small talk, and everything else I have ever gotten to do with you.

Juan, you are a beautiful person. I’m not saying that to diminish your manliness, but because you honestly are. I have never heard anything remotely mean come out of your mouth, and that is so rare these days. Your time spent here in Eden Prairie has honestly impacted us all more than I can explain. You have become a best friend, a brother, and honestly family to all of us.

There’s many days where i’ve walked in somewhere not the happiest, but you can immediately fix it. Everything you do provides some type of humor, happiness, and laughter. I really don’t want to spend the rest of the summer, or the next school year without you, but I guess we’ll have to.

I promise to watch over your brother Max the best I can with my “motherhood”, and to make sure he’s not too OC for the rest of us. I hope that Minnesota was everything you hoped it to be and the memories you made will last a lifetime. I will miss you more than I can explain and I am so thankful for every bit of friendship you have provided me.

I love you all the way to mexico & back. Thank you for everything, and please come visit soon. Xoxo

Going away party #1 :(

Going away party #1 😦

When I sat on twizzlers (twiscers) and was diagnosed with ass disease by Juan

When I sat on twizzlers (twiscers) and was diagnosed with ass disease by Juan

A sun burnt face, and the saddest goodbye.

A sun burnt face, and the saddest goodbye.

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