open new doors people

When to Close the Door

Bloggers, friends, and family. Welcome, again, to another unnecessary, but thought provoked post.  On this late night, I write about dealing with the feelings of missing someone. I unfortunately happen to do this a lot. I, also, unfortunately never seem to be able to find the right words of admitting it.

Have you ever messed up something so bad that it’s too far gone to be repaired? Well, I have. Life, like I have said before, happens to get really complicated. Sometimes, due to the many complications, we regretfully say some things that we really don’t mean. If you’ve ever heard quotes saying that words will always be remembered, they are one hundred percent correct. So, if there’s any advice you could possibly take off of this poorly written blog, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY. It is so important with every relationship you have, and everything you do. What you say really will stay with you for the rest of your life.

There’s days where I wish I could fix everything and go back in time to when I messed everything up. The problem is, the year of 2015 doesn’t provide a time machine, or re-do’s (Bummer, right?). All that’s left is to be hopeful for some forgiveness, and to hope whoever you wronged has a really big heart.

There are many methods of apologizing, I particularly choose to show my apologies through words, actions, and deeds.  I have given my mind, heart, and soul out in order to fix some things. These things have repeatedly proven to be unfixable. Nothing has came out of the apologies, other than a little bigger hole in my chest. With too many months spent doing this, I have become tired.

There are times when our pride needs to outweigh our apologies. Sometimes the person your apologizing too is no longer worth the time, and you begin to waste yours. If your apology isn’t accepted after a numerous amount of try’s, that person probably just wants to move on. So should you.

As much as you miss or love someone, they aren’t always meant to stay in your life. You, also, might not necessarily be meant to stay in theirs.

It sucks. But I can only hope that with an old door closing, a new one is bound to open.

If, and when an old door is meant to be reopened, it will. Don’t push it. Things sometimes (and hopefully) can, and will heal over time.

I can only hope that this blog makes sense to anyone but myself. If not, I apologize and understand. It doesn’t fully register for me either.  Lack of sleep, coffee, and old journal entries happen to give you some unfortunate, reminiscing-like feelings…

What I do know is, there’s always room for new possibilities. I, also, can only hope that some new doors will open for me quite soon.

Goodnight folks.

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