Here it goes!

Well, this is my blog. The big question is, what even is a blog? After some research, I learned that it’s a regularly updated website/page written in informal or conversational methods. Okay, okay. I can do that. Hello world, this is my blog.

So here it goes, my name is Emilee Joan Jacobson. I live inside of a leather-bound journal stuffed with unrealistic expectations, dreams, and words. Some call it antisocial, I call it therapy for being antisocial. My writing usually has consisted of day to day issues, poems, and some really, really terribly pieced together stories. Why am I starting a blog? Ask my crazy soon to be sister-in-law, Tatum Miller.

I would love to be able to tell you just what I will be writing about each day, week, and month on this thing. I would be lying if I told you I knew. My mind is about as ADD as a 5 year old looking at ten different toys. Speaking of that, July 19th. The (possibly) big day. I will be becoming a very unknowledgeable 16 year old aunt, or nanny (my nickname). I promise you all will be hearing some interesting stories about that…, I mean that is if you decide to ever read this again.

To learn a little bit more of where I came from, meet my joyous family. They really are a loving, and interesting family. My mother, Rikki, has taught me the true importance of learning correct pronunciation. Born and raised in Louisiana, she never learned to differentiate things like the “incredible hawk” from the “incredible hulk”. It’s been a joy correcting her my entire life ;). My father, Tony, has used the same joke book all 49 years of his life. If any of you have the great privilege of knowing the strange man, you’ll know they’re all just as bad as the last one. I also have an intelligent, and emotional brother who happens to cry with every single card you hand him (sorry Cody, I love you). I also have a dog, Sugar. Yesterday, I had the honor of being put on the, excuse my language, “shit list”, for leaving the “invalid” dog out for twenty minutes. I really try to be friends with that dog, but dang. It’s hard.

So, those are just some of the many topics this blog may, or may not be covering. Other than that, I have some great friends whom I love dearly. I also have some very strong opinions, which may, or may not offend you. I apologize in advance friends. Sometimes, if I have enough courage one day, I’ll let you all in on a few secrets about my oh so interesting life (That was a joke).

For now, I should move on with my busy summer day. To be completely honest, it never actually happens to be too busy. Go outside people.

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