it’s me, sincerely.


after three years of existence, i am still unsure as to what this blog is predominately about. this blog has been a constant outlet for my thoughts and curiosities that i frequently forget to say out loud. it also has followed me through every transition, heartbreak and expectation unmet. recently abandoning the title ‘finding sanity,’ i realized that i never lost it in the first place. sincerely, me is the new edition of this site and hopefully will promote unapologetic growth within myself. these pieces of writing all define me and my stories; they all show me in different places (good and bad) of my own life. no sugar coating here.

if you find yourself stumbling upon this page, i hope you find something you are looking for. emotions are difficult to process and even harder to name. things that can’t be said, sometimes are better off read. i hope you can find the words that comfort you on the days you cannot find them for yourself. i hope that you can find strength where i don’t and promise where i can’t. i hope this is a space where you find yourself not alone, but rather understood. words give us so much power, and i hope you’re reading this to find your own. this site is a reminder that you are never alone in the struggle of life and that the inner thoughts circling your brain aren’t the only ones desperate to break out. this blog is struggle in its truest form


a word enthusiast with a love for film, poetry, books, and happy endings. currently an unlicensed, anxious, 19-year-old college student at the university of minnesota with a major in strategic communications and a minor in creative writing. has zero athletic abilities and zero trophies to show for it. an over-thinker who talks too much at the wrong moments, and speaks too little during the right. has dreams of traveling around europe and finding her rom-com love story despite an empty savings account. blunt, passionate, and a bit quirky; emilee continues on her journey to happiness, or at least her idea of it.

Feedback and conversation is appreciated and encouraged. I’d love to hear what you think. Contact me at