it’s me, sincerely.


after nearly four years of existence, i am still unsure as to what this blog is predominately about. sincerely, me has served as a constant outlet for my thoughts, curiosities, hopes, heartaches, and more. while many aspects of my life have swayed from left to right, this place has always directed me straight; never leaving me off course. each post has followed my transition from childhood into what some would like to call, ‘adulthood.’

abandoning the initial title, ‘finding sanity,’ I was able to come to the realization that I had never lost it in the first place. sincerely, me the new and (hopefully) improved edition of this site is fueled by purpose and unapologetic growth. filled by a number of subject matters, each piece of writing defines me and my story; each able to express my evolving mindset one year, after the other.

if you find yourself stumbling upon this page, i hope you find something you are looking for. there was a time in my life where I sought out the same and somehow it landed me here. emotions are difficult to process and even harder to name. things that can’t be said, sometimes are better off read. i hope you can find the words that comfort you on the days you cannot find them for yourself. i hope that you can find strength where i don’t and promise where i can’t. i hope this is a space where you find yourself not alone, but rather understood. words give us so much power, and i hope you’re reading this to find your own.

i am constantly changing, but sincerely, me serves as a reminder for everything that I’ve managed to overcome. this site is here to remind anyone whose listening that feelings are temporary, people will change, but it is possible to come out sincerely, you at the end of the day.


an enigma,” some say.

a word enthusiast with a love for film, poetry, books, and happy endings.

an over-thinker who babbles often and suffers from chronic, nervous twitches.

a hopeless romantic that searches in all the wrong places for an unrequited love.

a lover of all things authentic, kind, and imperfect.

an anxious, unlicensed 20-year-old college student at the university of minnesota with a major in strategic communications and a minor in creative writing.

bent but not broken, sometimes inspired, and a whole lot quirky; emilee continues on her journey to happiness, or at least her idea of it.

Feedback and conversation is appreciated and encouraged. I’d love to hear what you think. Contact me at